Busy, busy week

Some of you may be wondering about an update to Second Chance. Unfortunately it’s been a busy week, and, to make things worse, my laptop went on the fritz. Plus, I have a certification exam on Friday. LOL. So all that to say, I will work on the new chapter sometime this weekend 🙂

Hope you all have been well. It’s been ridiculously, assnumbingly, frigidly cold in Toronto. Brrr. Perfect time to cancel all plans, hibernate at home and catch up on TV shows/movies (which is exactly what I’ve been doing).

In terms of Turkish TV, I’ve been loving FiCi. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I love how insane and messed up that show is. Nothing else – Turkish wise – has captured my attention since KA. I’ve also been catching up on some other shows on Netflix. Dark. Black Mirror. Lucifer. Brooklyn 99, to name a few.

So what have you guys been watching? Or reading? Drop me a comment and we’ll catch up 🙂

21 thoughts on “Busy, busy week

  1. And i was wondering what happenned to you.Busy and cold week here in Thessaloniki too but not as cold as in yours.I was watching Fi last year now i did not find the time to watch it.I have read Origin and some other Greek writers but what i do most is dealing with my son and his birthday party.He is turning 10 on Sunday.I feel ooooold!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok we know about second chance but….Are you planning to put on an Alive chapter? Please,please,please say yes!!!!!

    1. Happy birthday to your boy! 10, wow!!! Hope the party goes really well.
      I think what I like about Fi is that everyone’s messed up on that show, but no one is as bad as Can. He’s one crazy mofo and I hope he rots in hell. LOL.
      Let me get back to you about Alive. I’m still thinking about it 🙂

  2. hola, chica. Please keep warm or better yet come to my city is very warm at this time mid 70’s. You can have a vacation here we are 10 min from Mexico and 2 hrs to San Diego we can go anywhere you like. I’m so happy that you have not forgotten about the Second Chance I really love your stories and yes I miss KA a lot I’m watching it again because at this time the series that are on are not as good as KA there is a few though that I watch they are ok. Monday I watch Cukur and Siyah Beyaz Ask, Wednesday I watch Sen Anlat Karadeniz (this one just started on Wednesday) Thursday I watch Siyah Inci and on Saturday I watch Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari. Stay warm and can’t wait until the new chapter is ready

    1. Hey, Patty! Oh man, how I’d love to be somewhere warm right now. The weather wasn’t too bad today but still. I’ve been to San Diego before and it’s absolutely stunning. You live in Arizona, right?

      What’s Cukur about? I tried watching Siyah Beyah Ask but the female lead bugs me. She’s always crying! And I’m not too fond of her acting.

      I finally got my laptop back, my certification exam is done, and now I’m free, free, free to indulge in things I like 🙂

  3. You know…I got a book from a new writer , I don’t think you know her, Lazzeema Haq and the book “follow you down” and I am all into this!!!
    As far as turkish tv, I strongly suggest “Vatamin sensin”! Apart from my worship for Ergenc, it’s really a great cast and a well done series. The story is just a propaganda about the othoman-greek conflicts in the early 20th century and it is very emotional from me to watch the history of my family being botched! Nevertheless is a exeptional series!

    1. Hmmm… Follow You Down you say? Sounds familiar. LOL. And I’ll add the series to my watchlist. I’m amazed you can watch the show despite the propaganda though. Do you get angry?

      1. No! War was war for both sides. Despite what we all learn in schools, the truth is somewhere in between. Moreover, it does not bother my that much because I started watching the dizi with taking unber concideration that what I am seeing is a propaganda!
        You should try it! Last episode Halit and Berguzar were amazing!

  4. So happy you got your laptop back and finished the exam. In my city it’s pretty cold too but not freezing cold. I’ve been watching “Kalp Atisi”, and just finished watching “Stranger Things”, wich are completely different but I still enjoy both. I also watch Top Gear, they’re hilarious. Can’t wait for the update, pleaaaseee do it soon.❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks, hun! I didn’t like the first season of Stranger Things but I liked the second season way better. And I’ve never watched Top Gear – that’s a reality show about cars, right? And don’t worry, already half-way through the new chapter 🙂

      1. Yes they test cars and do comparisons, but they’re very funny. Yay, can’t wait till I read the new chapter and what’s gonna happen between them two.❤️❤️

  5. Hello! I hope that your exam went good 🙂
    I can actually relate about the weather, although it is not VERY cold in Moscow, but alright most of the time.
    Oh, I’ve started watching FiCiPi, I think I’ve watched about 2 episodes and it is a little bit too messed up for me. I like “Icerde” which is apparently not too messed up, although it definetely is 😀
    For some reason in the last 2 weeks I particularly enjoyed “The good place” for being nice cozy, messed up a little and funny.
    But in general, I enjoy “Quite interesting” and “8 out of 10 cats does countdown”. It helps me as a non-native speaker with vocabulary 🙂
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. May I ask you how do you watch FiÇiPi? Is there a website? Because out of Turkey, in PuhuTv app, “Fi” videos won’t stream.

      1. Oh, I have watched it quite a while ago on a website. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what that website was 🙁

    2. Hi Maria! Yes, FiCiPi is definitely messed up. I was quite surprised they were airing that in Turkish TV stations because of how heavily censored the rest of the shows were but then another friend informed me that it’s streaming digitally – which gives them a lot more freedom. Apparently Elcin’s new show is also going to be streaming and I’m excited to watch it. I’ve watched the first season of The Good Place, am waiting for the entire season to finish before I catch up. I’ve never heard of “Quite interesting” and “8 our of 10 cats does countdown” – what an interesting title 🙂

      I hope you have a great week as well.

      1. Yees, Elcin’s new series will be on a digital platform BluTV (or something like this). I am very excited to watch it too, waiting for the shootings to start (and crying inside a little because Barish’s project will be in September).
        These programms are TV comedy quizes. The title is amazing and gives a clue about what will happen on the screen, preparing people for the weird comedy show which it is 😀

  6. Has “Mutluluk Zamani” been uploaded somewhere in the internet? Did anyone watch it? As i’ve been searching for it some time but no results.

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