Fic: Catharsis (Omer/Defne, Fandom: Kiralik Ask, Rated R)

Fic: Catharsis

Fandom: Kiralik Ask

Spoilers: Takes place in season 1, the aftermath of episode 40 a.k.a THE episode. If you’ve watched the show, you know exactly what I mean ūüôā

Warning: Rated R for language, sexual situations. Don’t read if you’re under 18.

No copyright infringement intended!

Dread flooded over Omer, the feeling worsening by the second as soon as he spotted the thrown chair on the ground. Defne. She was in trouble.


“Defne!” he screamed, banging on the glass door. “Defne! Are you here?”


Panic and fear twisted his stomach into knots; he was terrified. What if something happened to her? What if she was in trouble? “Defne!”


She came out of nowhere, his Defne, a golden ray of red waves crashing towards him. The coil on his stomach finally unclenched, a hard breath escaped his lips. She was at the door, staring back at him, her face reflecting the same ache he felt for her.


When she reached for him, he clung to her, inhaling her in with every desperate breath he took. She smelled like sunshine and hope, a hot, enticing flame that lit up every dark corner of his heart. For so long he’d felt nothing, he was numb to this world, and then she brought him back to life and now he wanted to lose himself in her completely.


She pulled him inside; he followed. His heart was pounding in his chest, desire coursing through his body as he fixated on the bright flame in her eyes. There was an urgency in her gaze, fierce passion that rocked him to the core. And for the first time, there was no hesitation, only certainty. She wanted him as much as he did her.


Defne pressed herself against him, closing her lips over his, and in that instant he fell apart. He returned her kiss, his tongue caressing the contours of her mouth, playing with her. She was beautiful, so goddamn beautiful, and he wanted to see every part of her, taste every inch of her. His hand threaded through her hair, the other encircling her waist as he maneuvered her to the wall.


He was a man desperate for her touch, her love, his body suddenly throbbing and alive knowing he’d find salvation at last. She shoved his jacket off; he kicked her shoes aside. He pulled away to look at her, a part of him afraid she’d changed her mind, but her hands were on his back, removing his shirt. There was no stopping this.


The madness was overwhelming, they were both consumed by it.


He wanted to rip the clothes off of her body, to sink himself so deep inside her they’d be connected for eternity, but when his fingers slipped her dress off and removed her bra so that she was standing almost naked in front of him, all he could do was stare at her in awe, worship her for the goddess that she was.


He’d dreamt about her naked body for so long, had imagined every inch of her milky skin, and somehow the reality was infinitely better. His eyes trailed down her firm breasts, her pink nipples aching to be touched by him, her body designed perfectly to fit against his.




His gaze met hers. “You’re so beautiful.”


She looked relieved. “Really?”


It blew his mind that she had no idea how gorgeous she was. It wasn’t just the spectacular red hair and beautiful face that¬† made her so attractive; it was her genuine kindness, her ability to touch something inside everyone she met. She was compassionate and filled with love. She was his. His Defne. His saviour.


“My love,” he murmured in her ear as she wrapped herself around him. Her skin was hot to the touch, her nipples hard against him.


“I want you,” she confessed with quivering breath. “I love you.”


He eased her onto the bed, biting his bottom lip with frustration. His erection was rock hard, his body desperate for release after months of agony and torture, and he caught her in a frenzied kiss, rough and fraught with urgency. Keen to explore her, his mouth trailed down the length of her neck, her chest, lavishing equal attention to her pale, firm breasts, his tongue lapping at her nipples. She writhed against him, brushing against his cock, and a guttural moan rushed out of him.




He resisted the urge to take her right then and there. “Yeah.”


“Take off your jeans.”


He paused, perched above, peering at her. “What?”


“I want to see you.”


She’d never been this bold before, this wild. He loved it, loved that she could still surprise him in unbelievable ways. When her fingers started pulling at the zipper of his jeans, he grabbed her palm. If her hands so much as caressed him he would lose complete control and she deserved better than that. “Not yet.”


“Why not?”


He smiled, amused by her impatience. “Because I want to know what you taste like. I’ve been wondering that since the day we met.”


Her cheeks grew red with heat, her lips trembling.


He moved down the length of her body, tracing wet kisses down her stomach, the flat angles of her hips. He paused momentarily, admiring her panties. Blue cotton with white printed flowers. Sweet yet unbelievably sexy, just like her. He smirked at the thought.


“Is something wrong?” she asked.


“No, sweetheart. Why would you say that?”


“Because you’re smiling like an insane fool and I don’t know why.”


He chuckled. “I’m happy. I’m about to taste heaven.”


“Don’t talk like that,” she chastised, embarrassed. “It makes me blush.”


Her shy smile made his heart flutter. “I know. I love it.” He dropped a tender kiss above the elastic band of her underwear, on her fresh, dewy skin that had tantalised him for months. He heard the sharp intake of her breath, and he winked at her. “Defne,” he murmured, laying another kiss on the fabric, this time a few inches below.


Her hips arched up against him, her fingers curling into his hair. “Omer…”


His fingers eased the fabric down her thighs, her knees, and slipped them past her ankles. It was now his turn to lose his breath when he caught sight of her completely naked body. She was fucking beautiful, perfect in every single way.


His hunger returned with full-force, and he laid a soft, tantalising kiss on the sweetest part of her. She jumped in response but he held her down, teasing her with his tongue, his lips, his fingers. She tasted of sweetness and honey, of lavender, of all the extraordinary things he’d dreamed of. Her soft cries were music to his ears, encouraging him to keep her screaming. His tongue flicked over her clitoris, hesitantly at first, and her body rocked under his.


Her voice ached with passion. “Oh god…”


He played with her, tracing circles on her clit, and soon her whispers turned into full moans, urging him to never stop. A soft scream escaped her lips when he brought her to climax, and he felt an amazing sensation of love wash over him, knowing he was the first man – and only – to make her feel like this. She was his, heart, body and soul, just like he belonged to her. His lips continued to caress her, taunt her, and she came alive all over again under his touch.


It was a few minutes after her second orgasm that she finally spoke again. “That was…” Her eyes were still closed. “Amazing.”


He laughed at her wistful tone, moving back up her body.¬† “No, you’re amazing.” He placed a tender kiss on her lips.


She finally opened her eyes. “When do I get to taste you, Omer?”


He stared into the dark pools of her breathtaking eyes, speechless.


To be continued…




Omer stared into her eyes, his beautiful face covered in shock. “What?”


Defne wondered if maybe she’d gone too far, maybe she was being too bold with him and he didn’t like it. After all this wasn’t really like her and, frankly, she had no idea how to even behave in a situation like this. It wasn’t like she’d had other lovers.


“Say it again, Defne.”


His voice was hoarse, a throaty growl evoking lust and desire which struck at the very core of her, and she realised there was no need to be concerned. At this very moment, he wanted her exactly for who she was. Her hands wrapped around him, one stroking the nape of his neck -which he trembled at – while the other roamed down the length of his back.


His jeans – well, not just his jeans – was pushing down on her hips, heavy and potent.


“I’ve thought about us like this so many times,” she confessed, feeling a bit hesitant at first but forcing herself to continue anyway. “What you’d look like, feel like.”


His eyes seemed to grow darker, his face laced with something she didn’t quite understand.


“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. You know that, right?” she asked, peering up at him.


His lips parted like he wanted to say something, but he remained silent, and instead his tongue darted out and he ran it across his bottom lip. The gesture made her writhe, remembering what he’d done with that mouth mere moments ago.


“Defne,” he urged. “Tell me what you want.”


She was lying naked beneath the man she loved, her chest constricted with so much emotion she thought her heart would explode any minute now. “You. All of you.”


His mouth claimed hers, wild and out of control, so unlike his usual calm and composed self. Now a man possessed, his hands and lips lingered all over her body, making her yearn and scream as he tasted every inch of her skin.


Suddenly he pulled away, and she looked up at him as he moved to stand next to the bed. Confused, her eyes wandered across his face, inadvertently drawn to the rest of his body. God, he was beautiful. Chiseled, and stunning, not just because of his physical beauty but also due to the sheer goodness in his soul. He was sincerely generous, fiercely loyal to the few he loved and respected, and lived his life according to a moral code that would break most men. Everything about him, body and soul, shined with strength.


She exhaled a sharp breath when he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his black boxers. As he stepped out of his clothes, she found herself frozen in place, dumbstruck by his physical perfection. Even though this experience was new for her, she still knew enough to realise Omer was extraordinary. He was hard and beautiful, his breathing ragged as their eyes met.


“Don’t be afraid,” he asked.


Her insides melted at his concern, and she reached out to offer him solace. He was hot to the touch, his skin smooth yet rugged. The moment her hand made contact with his stomach, his muscles contracted under her touch. A sharp moan escaped his lips as her fingertips swept downward, tracing the contours of his abs, running along his hipbones, before finally wrapping around his hard length.


“Stop, Defne.”




“Because I’m going to embarrass myself.”


“Maybe you should. I’ve embarrassed myself many times in front of you.”


“Not like this you haven’t.”


He lifted her hand from his body, tightening his grip around her wrists as he settled down on top of her once again. It was a strange sensation to be pressed up against him so tightly, without any kind of barriers between them, two bodies about to connect and become one soul.


He whispered her name in her ear, his tongue flicking along the curve of the shell. “Ah, Defne…”


Instinctively her legs encircled his thighs, arching up against him.


“You taste so sweet. Like honey,” he murmured, one hand reaching under her waist to raise her hips slightly.


“Honey,” she whispered back, groaning as his fingers found their way down to her most intimate part, slipping inside her slowly. She tensed, but soon the sensation turned from strangeness to one of pleasure as her body grew excited under his expert strokes.


His dark, piercing gaze locked with hers when he finally penetrated her. It hurt, and she hadn’t expected it to. Teeth tugging at her bottom lip, she tried to shift under him to alleviate some of the awkwardness. Sensing her discomfort he leaned forward to console her with a gentle kiss.


Eyes linked, body connected in this new, exhilirating way, he guided her to move in unison with him, take him in deeper. With each thrust they became one being, heading towards something astounding, and the pressure slowly started to build inside, her body a live wire of throbbing nerves with only one intent – ecstasy.


Defne closed her eyes. She felt reckless, thrilled at the unbelievable waves of pleasure that seemed to start from her hair all the way to her toes.


“Defne,” he ached repeatedly, his tongue sucking the sensitive spot just below her ear. She held him tightly, clinging to him like he was her guiding light in a haze of euphoria.


Finally her insides built up to the crescendo and something in her exploded, intense burst of  sensations so similar to when his mouth had been on her but even more potent now, like a release her body had desperately  yearned for all these years without even being aware of it.


She was in heaven, only vaguely conscious of the heavy moisture on her thighs as her mind floated. Omer groaned as he collapsed on top of her, his weight heavy on top of hers.


They lay there together for a long time, intertwined in each other’s arms, Omer’s head resting against the crook of her neck as she drew circles on his back.


“Am I too heavy?” he asked after a while.


“No,” she lied.


He shifted off of her and instantly she missed the warmth from him. Fortunately, he pulled her atop his chest and settled down on the opposite corner of the bed.


“Is it always like that?” she wondered out loud, shadowing his tattoo with light strokes.


He grazed the top of her head, brushing her hair. “Only if you’re lucky.”


“I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”


He laughed into her mess of red waves.


“Hey, don’t laugh at me,” she grumbled.


“Or what? Are you going to punish me?”




A playful smile shaped his mouth. “How?”


She pursed her lips, feigning deep thoughts. “Maybe I won’t kiss you for a while.”


“That’s more than punishment. It’s torture.”


It was her turn to chuckle as she cradled his face in her hands. “Like I could ever go through it. I love you too much, don’t you know that?”


He didn’t answer, watching her with a glazed expression that brimmed with pure love. “You’re mine.”


“And you’re mine, Omer.” It was a reminder for herself more than him, a defiant act for the insecure facet of her that knew, deep down, she didn’t deserve someone as wonderful as Omer.


But he was oblivious to her inner turmoil as he hugged her tightly. “Forever.”


For now they were together, and she clung to that thought for comfort.


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