Fic: Goodbye (Kuzgun/Dila, Rated R)

Fandom: Kuzgun

Characters: Kuzgun/Dila

Rating: R

Dila stared at the painting on the wall for a long time. Although not the same, it did bear a striking resemblance to the one she drew on the same surface all those years ago. A part of her recognized that Kuzgun must have stared at the painting for a long time to be able to duplicate it so easily but then she pushed that thought deep down into her brain. In the end it didn’t really matter if the painting meant as much to him as it did her; the most important thing to him was hatred and revenge and that’s the path he’d follow. After a deep breath, she opened up the lid and dipped her brush into the paint can.

Soon the wall was covered with a fresh coat of red paint, messy and splotchy and splashes of it everywhere. It reminded her of blood, and she needed to be far away from it as quickly as possible. Picking up the suitcase she’d packed earlier, she headed into the living room.

Once a home filled with laughter and innocence, now it was filled with ghosts from the past. Nothing of monetary value remained within these walls except the priceless memories from a long time ago. If only her mother hadn’t gotten sick and her father hadn’t made the terrible choice that destroyed them all. That decision had cost them all everything. She shook her head, waving away the what ifs from her brain, and unlocked the suitcase to retrieve a towel and her robe. What she needed was a shower and not to waste her time dwelling on old memories.

Half an hour later she was still in the bathroom when a noise caught her attention. She slipped into her oversized robe and made her way outside to find Kuzgun staring at the entrance of her old room. Her heart skipped a beat, like it always did when she was around him. Would that every change? Would she ever get over him? She didn’t know, but it was something she was determined to do. He turned his head to look at her, his gaze drifting down her body before finally meeting her gaze. He was dressed in a navy suit, perfectly tailored, courtesy of his grandfather no doubt.

“I’m selling this place. If you still have anything left here, you should remove them this week,” Dila said quietly.

Kuzgun didn’t respond. Instead he turned back towards her room, his eyes fixated on the red wall again. “You covered it up.”

“It was time.”

Silence ensued. A part of her wondered what thoughts were running through his mind but then she reminded herself it didn’t matter.  

“I received divorce papers this morning.”

“Good. I can have my lawyers file the documents as soon as you sign them.” For a moment she thought she spotted despair in his eyes but then realised it was simply a figment of her imagination. “I can have someone pick up the papers from your office tomorrow.”

“And then you’ll be free.”

“As will you.” A sad smile crossed her lips. “You can finally rule the city the way Behram wants.”

His gaze steeled, narrowing onto her face. “Don’t talk about things you don’t know.”

“Power corrupts. I saw it happen with my father, and now I’m seeing it with you.”

“Don’t you dare compare me to that asshole! I’m nothing like him.”

“He betrayed your father, I know, but he thought it would help save my mom.”

“Oh, is that how you justify that traitor’s actions now?” Kuzgun spat out, his face twisted up with anger. “He framed my dad, he got my father killed! He deserved everything that happened to him.”

“And you got your revenge.” Hands splayed, she wiggled her fingers. “These hands killed him. Two birds, one stone. You taught both my dad and me a lesson. Bravo.”

“I told you to leave. I told you to get the hell out of here months ago-”

“How would I have done that?” She interjected, anger rushing through her. “I tried. I tried to leave but then Behram put bombs in my house, he forced me to become a part of it or he’d kill my family. Remember that?” Bitterness washed over her. “Sometimes I wonder if the same thing happened to my father. How many times did he try to leave this life? How many times did Behram threaten us?” She glanced down at Kuzgun’s hands. “I wonder when you’ll take that step. Next time when an enemy comes after you and your grandfather, how far will you go to defeat them? Will you threaten their children? Go after their families? Will you plant bombs in their house so they’re forced to fall in line?”

“Don’t make your father out to be some kind of saint. He was a greedy, selfish bastard who enjoyed being a criminal.”

“And soon you’ll become him. It’s a cycle that never ends.”

“You need to be careful.” Dila stiffened as Kuzgun approached her with a focused gait. Stopping mere inches away from her, he peered at her directly. “You shouldn’t be walking around without any guards. It’s not safe for you to be alone.”

“What I do no longer concerns you. You’re not my husband anymore.”

“I haven’t signed the papers yet.”

“Then sign them. End this sham of a marriage. We both know Behram isn’t going to hurt you. You’re the apple of his eye,” she lashed out.

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”

She snickered. “Meaning what? Behram wants me dead?” She sneered at Kuzgun, shrugging her shoulders. “Don’t you think I already know that? It’s only a matter of time before he kills me.” She jumped when he suddenly moved in close, his hands cupping her face.

“I’m not going to let that happen.” His brown eyes brimmed with anguish “He’s not going to touch you. I promise you that.” His lips closed over hers, hungry and desperate, tongue seeking her out until she was returning his kiss with equal ferocity. His hand clawed at her body, pulling apart her robe, throwing it to the ground until she was naked and exposed in front of him. Breath labored, desire coursing through her, she moaned as his mouth trailed down her neck. His beard tickled her skin, the sensation overwhelming. All of a sudden he lifted her up, and she found herself being carried by him until he placed her on the sofa, cushions flushed against her naked back.  

“Dila…” he murmured, seated on his knees in front of her.

She pressed her fingers on his lips, nodding her head ‘no’. The last thing she wanted was for them to talk. Too many hurtful words had passed between them already. Instead she removed his jacket, started unbuttoning his shirt. Her fingers trembled as she struggled to undress him, more so when his tongue lapped at her nipple. As he lavished attention on her breasts, her head lolled back on the cushion and she lost all semblance of coherency. One minute she was enjoying the sensation of his mouth on her body, next he was pulling her legs apart and sliding his fingers inside.

The first time they made love her heart had been filled with love and hope, but now it was simply filled with urgency. His body was heavy on top of hers, his mouth ravaging hers while he penetrated her. Legs curled around his thighs, she hugged him tightly as he continued to thrust inside her. His rhythmic strokes changed tempo, driving her wild. Her moans grew louder, more insistent, her teeth sinking into his shoulder. And soon she was lost in a haze of pleasure more potent than she could have imagined.

Dila watched Kuzgun while he slept next to her, his soft snores echoing throughout the room. She couldn’t stop staring at him, mesmerized by how innocent he looked when he was asleep. Most of the time he was tense and focused but not right now. Now, he looked so much like his younger self that it made her heart ache. Her fingers stroked his beard gently, skimmed along his clavicle and down his chest until she finally reached the spot where her name was carved into his skin. Her gaze fell below, noting all the other names – including her father’s. It was now crossed out, the wound a few days old. It was exactly the stark reminder she needed to realize the man sleeping next to her was just a mirage. Soon he would awake and once again become a man filled with rage and hatred.

She picked up her robe from the ground and went to the bathroom. Her luggage was still sitting by the door where she’d left it earlier, and she grabbed a pair of jeans and t-shirt to quietly dress herself. Her heart was broken, her soul bruised. Tomorrow Behram would be arrested by the police, and Kuzgun would be on the warpath to destroy her family again. Before that could happen, she had to get her niece and sister out of the city. The visit to her old home was supposed to be a pit stop; she hadn’t expected to see Kuzgun let alone sleep with him but, like always, he’d managed to sneak into her life when she least expected it.

Standing by the door, she turned back to look at him one last time. Goodbye. She closed the door quietly behind her and exited the house.

The End.

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