Fic: Head Over Heels [Kiralik Ask, Omer/Defne, Rated R]

Fic: Head Over Heels

Fandom: Kiralik Ask

Pairing: Omer/Defne

Rating: R for sexual situations!

Spoilers: Takes place during episode 47, when Omer and Defne have an argument in front of the trailer and then… make up. My version is slightly different. LOL. This is a one-shot, meaning it’s complete 🙂

Do not click the link if you’re under 18!

Defne was arranging the shoe boxes in the trailer when she heard the door open, and then subsequently shut behind her. Curious, she turned around to find Omer leaning against the door. His gaze lingered down the length of her body, slow, sensuous, setting off butterflies in her stomach. An hour ago he’d been angry at her but now he seemed almost playful, watching her with a wicked glint in his eyes. Then again, maybe she was just misreading his signals. “Did you need something?”




“What is it?”


“Come here and I’ll tell you.”


“I can hear fine from here.”


“You’re still mad at me, love?”


She shrugged her shoulders. “You’re the one who snapped at me before.”


The trailer was small and it only took a few seconds for him to close the gap between them. Reaching for her hands, he pressed them to his lips and stippled her palms with wet kisses. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have overreacted like that. It’s just I lose my head when you start to distance yourself from me.”


The weight of the world lay heavily on her shoulders. All that she desired in life was to love him, to be with him, but their path together was riddled with obstacles and she had no idea how to fix it. The past few days she’d gone crazy worrying about Fikret’s letter reaching Omer, then there was the constant gossip in the office about how she had Omer wrapped around her fingers. While she understood logically he’d only been trying to help her and her family, she wished he’d never bought the house. The last thing she wanted was for people to think she was with him for his money.


Yearning for him, she circled her arms around Omer and gave him a tight hug. “I missed you.”


He returned the embrace, his fingers running idly through her hair.


She inhaled him in, breathing in the subtle combination of his own scent and the cologne he preferred. Suddenly he was removing her jacket, and she angled back to look up at him. “What are you doing?”


“I miss holding you,” he murmured, kissing her left cheek, then her right. The dark brown pools of his eyes glimmered with desire, and her body started to hum under his touch, swaying towards him as he began to undress her. “Touching you… kissing you…”


She closed her eyes, leaning on him for support. Maybe she should have protested, or even felt embarrassed considering anyone could have walked in on them, but the need to love him overrode all of her fear and anxiety. Right now, she just wanted to lose herself in him completely.


He stripped her naked, taking his time, first pulling her t-shirt over her shoulder, then undoing the buttons on her shorts. Then he was leaning down in front of her, hands caressing down the curve of her thighs, then her calf, until his fingers started untying her shoes. She watched through hooded eyes as he removed her shoes, socks, set them aside and then helped her out of her shorts. There she was, clad in her white bra and panties while he stood in front of her, fully clothed.


Her fingers twitched at her sides, her body growing aroused as Omer simply stared at her for the longest time. He was no longer smiling, his face brooding with intensity as his eyes seemed to consume every inch of her exposed body.


“Omer…” she said quietly, holding her arms out for him.


At last he moved, but not towards her, instead heading to where she’d stored the shoe boxes. She watched, confused, as he brought over the pair of heels she’d worn for the shoot and started slipping them onto her feet.


“When I need inspiration, I see you, in my bed, wearing only my designs and nothing else.”


Her body trembled at his husky tone, desire coursing through her veins. His hand slid up her legs, gliding between her thighs. She shivered in anticipation of him touching her sex but he didn’t, his hands pausing mere inches away. What was he doing? Why was he playing with her? “I need you,” she confessed.


“Do you?”


She nodded her head. “Yes. Don’t you know that?”


“Do you think about me touching you?”


At first she hesitated, feeling embarrassed, then she cradled his face. Now that she was wearing high heels, she didn’t need to look up. Pressed against his body, she closed her mouth over his and kissed him hungrily, determined to show him how much she wanted him.


When they first made love he’d been sweet and gentle, but now the Omer in front of her was wild, frantic, picking her up, his fingers digging into her sides. Gone were the slow, sensuous kisses, instead they devoured each other with frenzied movements, pulling at each other, pushing against the small interior of the trailer. She undressed him as fast as she could while he unhooked her bra and ripped off her panties.


He was hard, she was ready.


The friction of her back rubbing against the wall was painful but it dissipated the moment he lifted her, allowing her to wrap her right leg around his thigh so he could penetrate her easier. A guttural moan burst out of him as he thrust inside her, deeper and deeper every time. Back arched, eyes closed, she bit into his shoulder as he sped up the movements, infusing them together. The pointed stiletto of her heel bore into his calf, digging in more each time their rhythm changed, but he didn’t seem to notice nor care. Her moans echoed alongside his, their bodies slick with sweat.


He knew what to do, how to pleasure her, twisting his body into her in such a way that she went wild with madness. When she came, it was the most incredible sensation she’d experienced. She was floating in a haze, her only connection to the tangible world was him. He tethered her back to reality when he groaned loudly, climaxing inside her.


Her body felt fluid, boneless. If it wasn’t for Omer gripping her tightly and moving her to the floor, she probably would have fallen right then.


They were silent for a long time, with only the sound of their labored breaths drifting in the room. Sweat drenched their skin, and she smiled when he lovingly brushed the wet strands of hair from her eyes. “I want to do that again,” she said in a half-whisper, more to herself than him.


He chuckled, lying down beside her. “Give me a few minutes.”


Embarrassed, she buried her face in his shoulder.


His hand stroked her body, tracing lazy patterns on her skin, alternately peppering her with staccato kisses until he reached her feet. Shifting downward so his head was now resting by her feet, he caressed her toes. “I go crazy when I see you in my shoes.”


“Only then?” she teased. “I go nuts every time I think about you.”


Passion blazed in his gaze. “Oh, really?”


Heat spread across her cheeks.


“What do you do then?” he prodded.


“What do you mean?”


He quirked his eyebrow. “Do you touch yourself?”


“Omer, come on.”


“I want you to show me what you do.”


Her breath hitched in her throat, she felt shy around him again.


“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” he said in an encouraging tone. “I want to see what you look like when you think about me.”


Her pulse quickened. She felt emboldened by him, reckless even. Under his excited gaze she caressed her own breasts, envisioning the movement of his hands on every inch of her skin. Her hand slipped between her legs, stroking herself as she relived the intense sensation of his mouth on her, his tongue circling her clit. Eyes closed, back curved, she moaned his name over and over again. Her pleasure rose to a crescendo, her orgasm erupted throughout her body, and she was lost, lost all over again, until, all of a sudden, Omer moved atop her.


And just like that, he was ready to go again.


The End.

A/N – Hope you enjoyed it! I’d been meaning to write this for a while but never had the time or the inclination. Today, I felt inspired to finally jot it down. Feel free to leave me your thoughts if you so desire.

7 thoughts on “Fic: Head Over Heels [Kiralik Ask, Omer/Defne, Rated R]

  1. Wow Lazeema, as always you surprise me. I have never thought about Defne this way but on top of all she’s a human being who has desires. I think you should write more of this short but enjoyable stories. Keep it up.❤️☺️

    1. The best thing about fanfic is to explore all the other areas you don’t normally get to see on screen. I love writing Defne’s wild side because I definitely think she has one. LOL. Thanks for reading!

      1. Of course. I think that every person has his wild side and should not be afraid or ashamed about it.❤️☺️

  2. WOW Lazeema,I m really surprised . I always wondered what happened in that trailer. But u gave words to my imagination n I would have never thought abt Defne in this way.Bt the way u wrote, blew my mind. Keep going

  3. Hi lazeema, I became ur fan after reading all ur fanfics. I just want you to write Their encounter in yacht after Defne’s Bday celebration n also just before their engagement when Defne was teaching Omer how to make dolman.
    U haven’t added latest fanfics of Kuzgun when Dila was living alone after his father’s death which u posted on fb in ur website .
    Keep going n best of luck for more stories from u

  4. Love your Defom fanfic. I have a request. Is possible for you write alternate story for Defom from the Kiralik Ask epi 51. Where Omer broke off his engagement with Defne, the scene after Defne tender her resignation and left Passionis. I was so pissed off with omer for being so cold and hot headed. I wish something bad happened to Defne after she left the bulding (like getting involved in an accident and hospitalized) and i want Omer scare that he might lose her for real and regret for being so hard on her.

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