Fic: Untitled (Kuzgun/Dila)

Fandom: Kuzgun

Pairing: Kuzgun/Dila

Spoilers: Episode 9

Rating: R

“Every time I open myself up to you, you destroy me,” Dila murmured softly, her hands gliding up his arms. Kuzgun stirred, his breaths suddenly labored against her cheek. With a determined purpose, she began to unbutton his shirt. Her fingers trembled, her body quivered against his. “We could have been so different.” She caressed his cheek. The coarseness of his beard bruised her skin, the sensation of friction surprisingly tantalising. “But you crushed every inch of hope I had.”


Her teeth scraped along his jaw, lips trailing wet kisses down his neck. His hands tightened around her waist, nails digging into her. One moment he was pushing her away, the next he was pulling her close.

“I’m starting to think…” Her manicured nails traced the scar that was left by her name while her tongue suckled the corner of his neck. “It’s because you’re afraid of me.”

“Stop,” he groaned, advancing forward until they were both trapped against the dresser.

Dila may have started this game but now she was finding it difficult to remain in control, not when his warm breath hummed against her skin and his erection was pressed against her body. Don’t give in. Stay calm. You got this. All her reassurances flew out of her head when Kuzgun tucked his finger under her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. Her breath halted, her heart jumped in her chest. She loved him. She’d always loved him. And when he looked at her the way he was looking at her now, desire brimming in the deep pools of his eyes, his eyes trailing down to her lips, she forgot all about the angry, vengeful man he was now. “You keep hurting me-”

The breath rushed out of her lungs as his lips closed over hers.

Madness swept over her, passion, pain and love all caught up in a giant swirl of potent emotions. She wrapped her arms around him, curving her hands around his neck. Gentle one second, merciless the next – the very epitome of who Kuzgun was – he seduced her with his mouth, his hands, leaving her completely wrecked. But as he plied her neck with ferocious kisses, nipping her skin, and his hands began to lift her tank top, she forced herself to regain her composure and take charge. She reached for his jeans, undoing the zipper, slipping her hands underneath his boxers.

A gutteral moan escaped his lips, his forehead on her shoulder. “Dila…”

Fingers wrapped around his erection, she began to work him slowly. He was hard in her hand, slick.

“Dila,” he groaned.

She’d ached to hear him sound so vulnerable, to say her name with such emotion, but what was happening between them wasn’t real. It was a power play, a game she needed desperately to win. “Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next week, but one day, one day…” Her voice dripped with sweetness as she pumped his hard cock.

Completely under her thrall, he clung to her.

“I’m going to make you pay for everything you did.”  Before the last word even left her lips, she withdrew her hand. Pushed him away. A smug smile shaped her lips as Kuzgun stared at her confusedly. There was pain etched onto his face, along with bewilderment but they were soon replaced with intense anger.

“Be careful, Dila. Don’t play these kinds of games with me,” he warned, pulling up his jeans.

“Or what? You’re going to ruin my life? Too late for that already.”

“Few weeks ago you were begging for my love,” he said coldly. “Dear, desperate Dila.” It was his turn to smile. “Always looking for someone to love her.”

His words made her flinch on the inside but she maintained her calm façade. “My name is carved on your skin,” she shot back. “You’re the one who’s crying out for love.”

“Don’t mistake my desire for revenge with love.”

“And don’t mistake my desperation with weakness.” She walked over to the sink. Eyes locked with Kuzgun’s reflection in the mirror, she washed her hands.

“What was this charade supposed to prove, Dila? That I have feelings for you?” His smile shifted to a mocking sneer. “You could have been just about any woman and I would have reacted the same. Because I don’t love you, Dila, and I never will.”

Her gaze turned steely. She circled around to face him, picking up a towel from nearby. With a determined gait she closed the distance between them, standing directly before him. “One day you’re going to plead with me to love you. You’ll beg me for it, and I’ll remind you of these words. I would rather die than ever let myself love you again.” She shoved the towel at him. “You’ll need this to take care of your little problem,” she snarked pointedly, drawing her gaze to his erection.

Before he could say anything else she rushed out of the room, and slammed the door behind her.

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  1. This is great. You should write about the lsat episode too. I think it should have had some more conversation. A lot was left unsaid before the final shot.

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