Fic: Vignettes of What ifs [Omer/Defne]

Fandom: Kiralik Ask

Pairing: Omer/Defne

Summary: This is a little different than what I’ve written in the past. I wanted to explore some ‘what if’ scenarios, scenes that I wished played out a bit different on the show.

None of the scenes are connected.

This part has two ‘what ifs’. I will be doing another set soon, set in the future.

What If – I

Omer called her for the fifth time that night. Once again, Defne’s phone went to voice mail. He considered leaving another message, but if she hadn’t responded to the last four he doubted the fifth would change anything. Frustrated, he slammed the phone down. To think he’d been so happy earlier today.


The day had started off so well. He had finally found the girl who had given him much-needed guidance, and Defne was to thank for that. Fikret had come into his life when he’d been at his lowest, and given him hope when he’d been immersed in anger and despair. After their talk today, he’d rushed home knowing Defne was waiting for him. He wanted to share all of that happiness with her, and instead came face to face with an insecure Defne who picked a fight with him for no reason.


He still couldn’t understand why she had gotten so angry. She had absolutely no reason to be jealous of Fikret. Then she’d started acting all childish on him, which only aggravated him more, before storming out and leaving him to stew over the fight. And now she wasn’t answering his calls.


Frustrated, he poured himself a glass of whiskey.


The next morning he stopped by Defne’s home to talk to her, but apparently she’d already left for work. When he reached the office, she was nowhere to be found. It didn’t matter how many times he called, she didn’t answer. By the time he finally ran into her, in the backstage area of the venue where the charity fashion show was scheduled to take place, his agitation was at peak level. She was sorting through shoes, her back to him.


“Really, Defne?”


She turned around, varying emotions fleeting across her face. First, surprise. Then, a mix of resignation and what looked like fear. Was she afraid of him? What the hell? He started towards her. “I’ve been calling you since yesterday and you couldn’t bother to return my calls? And you spend the whole day hiding from me?”


Her eyes flashed with fury. “I haven’t been hiding, Omer. I’ve been working. Non-stop. For a fashion show that you and your Fikret are putting together.” She picked up a polishing glaze from nearby and started spraying the shoes.


“Why haven’t you returned my calls?”


“Because I needed space,” she answered defiantly, not looking t him.




“Yes. Space. To process your words from last night when you told me you wanted to be with Fikret.”


Irritation surged through him. “That’s not what I said.”


She met his glance. “I asked if you wanted to be with her and you said yes.”


“Don’t twist my words, Defne. I was angry-”


“A lot of people reveal their true feelings when they’re angry.” She turned around, sifting through the heels again.


His fingers curved around her elbow, forcing her to face him. “What is this about? Why are you picking fights with me?” The vulnerable expression on her face made him ache inside.


“I’m trying to come to terms with what you said to me.” She paused briefly, her lips trembling. “It’s obvious you have feelings for Fikret. Some part of your mind has obviously thought about the two of you being together.”


“How many times do I have to tell you I love you?”


“How would you feel if I was with Selim?”


Red hot rage coursed through him. The thought of her with anyone else, let alone that idiot filled him with irrational jealousy. She was his, they belonged with each other.


“It’s not a nice feeling, is it?” she continued, shrugging her shoulders. “It hurts. Everyone wants the two of you together, she fits into your world much better than I ever could. But I could ignore that as long as I knew you loved me, that you didn’t have feelings for her. Except you told me last night you did. And now that’s all I can think about.”


“I love you, not her.”


“I really want to believe that. I’m just not sure it’s true.”


“Have I ever lied to you, Defne?” He cradled her face, peering into her eyes, desperately wishing he could wipe the pain from her face. Knowing that he was the reason she was hurting made him sick to his stomach. “I’m sorry for what I said. I was irritated. All I wanted to do was rush home last night and see you, and then we got into an argument and I spoke without thinking.” He kissed her cheeks, first left, then right. “You’re my heart. Don’t you know that?”


She didn’t respond, and he pulled her in for a hug.


Even though they were physically close, she seemed to be a million miles way and he had no idea how to get through to her.

What If – II


Defne sat atop the tree branch, inspecting the fruits that had grown. She plucked out one, and bit into it. It was delicious and juicy, and for a moment she was able to forget her heartache but the calm only lasted seconds. Immediately, her thoughts went rushing back to Omer.


The coldness on his face was etched into her brain. He’d simply pushed her out of his life, without so much as a backward glance. A part of her had desperately hoped that when she’d offered him the resignation letter he wouldn’t accept it. But then he had, very easily, and, unlike the last time, he’d even encouraged her to leave right away. Everyone else had said their goodbyes. He hadn’t even come out of his office.


Maybe it was what she deserved. She had lied to him, knowing full well how much he despised his grandfather – yet there was a part of her that didn’t think her actions merited such harsh consequences. Mr. Hulusi was an old man, in ill heath, and desperate. He’d made a mistake and now he wanted to earn Omer’s forgiveness but Omer wasn’t willing to hear any of it. He had a rigid stance when it came to imperfections and he’d displayed the same inflexibility when it came to her. His standards were impossible to live up to, she was fully aware of that, and, even then, a small part of her had thought he would be different when it came to her, that he would be more forgiving – but he hadn’t been.


Suddenly a familiar tune drifted into her ear. She jumped down from the tree, looking around her. Was she hallucinating? Was she so heartbroken she was imagining Omer’s whistle? She turned around to find Omer standing a few feet away, staring at her intently.


“What are you doing here?” she asked, the lump in her throat making it impossible to speak.


“I came here for you.”




“You know why. I shouldn’t have let you go.”


“You were happy to cut off all ties with me yesterday.” Tears streaked down her face, and she swiped them away. “So I’m not sure what brought on this sudden change of heart.”


“I spoke to my grandfather today, and he said a lot of things that… I needed to hear.”


“I’m happy you cleared things with Mr. Hulusi. He’s desperate for a relationship with you.”


“I know you were looking out for me, that you had my best interests at heart.” He advanced towards her. “I shouldn’t have ended things. I’m sorry.”


Defne glanced down on the ground, curling her fingers into her jeans. “You did what you thought was right. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now.”


“Of course it does. We belong together.”


She grimaced, shaking her head ‘no’. “You don’t trust me. You never will. Every time something happens, you always assume I’m betraying you.”


“I was angry-”


“But why are you always so quick to believe I want to hurt you?” she demanded, crying. “Why is it that I never get the benefit of your doubt? I don’t know what else I can do to prove how much I love you.”


“Maybe it’s because you refuse to tell me the truth. You act like it’s behind us but, whatever it is, it’s still there, it’s still guiding your actions and I don’t know how to get past it!”


And there it was, the bomb ready to explode between them. It didn’t matter how much time had passed, Omer couldn’t get past it and she was tired of hiding behind it, of being ashamed. It was time to tell the truth, for her own sanity as well as his.


She revealed everything, from Neriman’s part in the scheme to her own machinations.


In the end, Omer did as she’d always expected him to do. He turned around and left.


A/N – Like I said, a little bit different than my usual style. There isn’t enough meat in the scenarios to pull together a full story but I still wanted to write something. What are some ‘what if’ scenarios that you have in mind? Comment with them and maybe your suggestions will inspire my muse 🙂

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Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “Fic: Vignettes of What ifs [Omer/Defne]

  1. Ohaaaaaaa I love this !!!! So so much I hope there will be a lot of this what if …

    What if Defne learn about What omer Did in Rome with the girls and get mad because in one year she didn’t have any relationship and she didn’t move on

  2. Hello greetings from France I just love this what if !!! I wanted to see a very angry defne when Omer didn’t seem to believe her when she told him about Fikret

  3. Anger as always.He does not think he just parts….Most of the time too heartbroken living ashes behind him.
    I do not know if you have any thought of continuing the 2nd “what if…” but i would like to see how it would continue without the marriage.Will he think that the hiding of truth was always for his benefit and sanity?
    Or will she find the courage and the strength to make him realise the extent of her love, to have him understood that he without her is empty as it goes for her too?

    1. He’s a volcano ready to explode at any moment when it comes to her 🙂 Which is funny considering at one point Defne worried he was always so calm and collected about her, that he showed no emotions. That’s one of the things I loved about their relationship! As always, thank you for the discussion 🙂

  4. What bothered me most about KA was that Omer, for all the claims of love for Defne, never actually fought hard enough for her. If he hadn’t found that shirt in the box (season 2) would he have given up? If Defne had been in a relation with someone else would he have just let it go?
    Defne had no closure when he went away, what if she had found out about what he had done in Rome? I mean from the way Sinan implied Omer had quite “fun” in Rome.
    What if Defne had chosen someone else maybe Pamir, would Omer take it the same way he thinks about all his flings and as he expects others to ignore them would he have ignored Defne’s relation if she had any?
    As always most of his decisions are fueled by anger, rage and his self-proclaimed righteousness. What would his decision have been had Defne actually rejected his advances after his return from Rome?

    1. I used to wonder the same thing – he gives up very easily. Even the scene where he got into an argument with Iso and Defne’s in his office. Omer snaps at her, and she’s the one who has to calm him down and urge him to try again with Iso. It irritated me that he was ready to give up again. Ah well, that’s the best thing about these ‘what ifs’. I can explore these situations.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. What if II is how I’ve always imagined long ago when I saw the series. I’ve always felt she should have or the writer should have ended the season this way but again I would not want to miss out episode 53 where Omer was at Defne’s house to say sorry. I love that part.. P. S. This was such a good distraction after I just saw Baris and his gf news blah blah by mistake. Please continue with more what if.

  6. I’m so glad you are writing again. This what if’s are great but what if when Omer return and was trying to get back together with Defne she found out about his life in Rome and she left him? would he chase after her or just give up?

  7. I liked these what if’s but to me they looked a bit incomplete, but i guess thats the point, it’s just one scene. I’m starting to realize that I’m more into long stories with many chapters, but these are great too. Keep going with whatever you have in mind, continue with other what if’s and please update second chance too, it’s been so long!

    1. I wish I had more hours in the day to work and write. LOL. Sadly, I don’t so I have to prioritize. I’m hoping to carve out some time on the weekend to focus on Second Chance. Fingers crossed! Thanks for reading!

  8. Absolutely loved this! Anger was always what fueled Omer’s actions, which more often than not led to not so beautiful consequences

  9. Hi there!
    I’ve thought about this one what if Defne and Omer stayed at the hotel when they were at the conference in 42nd episode. In series Sinan called Omer and said that Koris is ill…but what would be if Sinan didn’t called them?

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