17 thoughts on “Mutluluk Zamani – trailer’s out!!!!

  1. OMG! I just watched this video before visiting the website. I’m so exited for this movie. I laughed so much with Cengis, my stomach hurts from laughing, lol. But it’s so cute with the couple being the love of each other’s lives again. Waiting with anxiety for the movie but more for your update. Please update soon. Do you have inspiration for the other story? Maybe you’ll have more to write after you see the movie. If you plan to start it then, in the meanwhile will you write short stories as I’ll miss them and you. And here is me planning a hole lot of things in my head and it’ll turn out completely different lol. Love you ☺❀

    1. Looks like it’ll be a fun movie. I’m excited to see him pursue her in the movie πŸ™‚ There are story ideas already running through my head. You never know, I may write a story based on the preview alone. LOL. You’re too sweet to me.

      I’m going to start the other one once The Ring is done. When I start more than one fic, I don’t usually end up finishing either. So I want to avoid that πŸ™‚

  2. Now as far as i am concerned i found the same topic as in two of my favourite movies Hitch with Will Smith and Eva Mendes and in Grazy Stupid Love with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.And i say favourite because they were really funny .They didnot try to make you laugh using silly jokes .

    1. You’re right. The preview definitely had the “player helping the lovable loser get a girlfriend” vibe. I’m excited to see Baris playing a lothario and Elcin as the woman who doesn’t fall for his charms oh-so-easily. It’ll be a fun ride πŸ™‚

    1. On their instagram they said there’s going to be a surprise tonight! I’m assuming it’ll be a second trailer.

  3. OMFG!! I just saw the new trailers and I’m in love with them already! Their scenes in the end though. Can’t wait for the movie! Please update soon and please start the new story when you end this one, as I guess you’ve got a lot of AdMer inspiration from the trailers. ❀☺

  4. Oh I can’t wait to watch this. I love elcin and baris. Since watch their kiralik ask show is my first time to watch. They look so good together works on show. Hopefully they willing keep working together on show.

  5. When this film be on air?? And will u upload the movie with english subtitles?? Please let me know as i am literally very eagerly waiting to watch this movie..

    1. It’s coming out on Nov 10 in Turkey. I don’t do translation as I don’t understand Turkish. I hope Netflix picks it up so the rest of the world will have access to it as well!

  6. ooo my godd!!!damn surprised to see baris playing a totally different role frm omerand elçin is also very different

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