Sunday Funday just turned into self-doubt day.

We all experience insecurity from time to time. It’s second nature for us human beings. I try not to wallow in it too much, instead using self-doubt to hone my skills and improve. Unfortunately, some days it’s not so easy to take the pragmatic approach.

I’m blessed to have wonderful readers like you. You guys are always so good to me and I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, that experience hasn’t carried over to real life. With the exception of two, none of my closest friends have bothered to read the novel. And it’s not a matter of finances as I gave them the manuscript months ago. They just don’t want to. I tried not to let it bother me but it does. Some of my wonderful coworkers and acquaintances have eagerly read the book because they’re so excited for me yet the people closest to me don’t care.

Oh well, such is life. Guess we can’t have it all. I’m lucky that I have amazing people like you and other wonderful readers who are happy to give my work a chance. Some people don’t even have that so I’m just going to shut up and be grateful 🙂

If you guys are ever doubting yourself or don’t feel like you’re good enough at whatever it is you’re trying to do, just remember this quote from the Great One:

It’s gotten me through many a night when I was crippled with insecurity.

Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday just turned into self-doubt day.

  1. A big hug to you Lazeema. I love your style of writing and have read all most all of your stories here. Unfortunately I have not read Follow You Down as well as the storyline didn’t appeal to me. Don’t ever doubt yourself or be judged by anyone. I think you need to do what make you happy the most and brings a lot of joy to others.

    1. Hi Samna, thank you for your encouraging words. I completely understand why FYD didn’t appeal to you, but I appreciate that you gave it a shot. I’m going to keep writing because I love and enjoy the process, and I’m lucky to have readers like you who are supportive 🙂

  2. It often happens to me that people don’t believe in me or think i can’t make it on certain situations. But in most. of the cases I’ve succeeded, because *I* believed in me, believed i can do it. So nevermind about those who doesn’t support you but as you said be appreciative to those who did. Just don’t worry too much, it’s bad for your health lol. ☺️❤️

    1. I’m very grateful for the wonderful readers I have 🙂 And thank you for the supportive words. You’re awesome!

  3. Well i believe in you.But it is more important to believe you in yourself.So think about that.And do not forget that because they are your friends does not mean that you have the same tastes…and fiction is sth so private…kisses girl

    1. I agree to a point. If this was my second book, I wouldn’t care. But it’s my first novel, and something I’ve worked on for years. Even if she didn’t read it and only pretended to, I would be fine – because at least she cared enough to lie. LOL. But it’s the absolute lack of effort that’s really bothering me. Oh well. I’m still lucky and grateful to have wonderful readers like you. Maybe this happened so I can truly value how important you guys are to me 🙂

  4. Girl you know you can count me. I love all your novels and I have read them all I hope you continue doing it maybe some day thour friends will read your books but in the meantime you know you have a big fan.

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