I will be posting a new KA fic in a few days. It’s not what I usually write, but with where my head is at lately, I felt compelled to try something different.

5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Happy to see that you can at least think of writing something.I guess it is suthing.Keep up because your friends need you and your strength.

    1. Writing helps me sort out my thoughts when I’m stressed. Sometimes it’s really helpful but these last few weeks I haven’t felt like doing it at all – which is why I was surprised when I felt inspired to write the fic. It’s different than what I’ve written previously. Let’s see.

      And thank you for your kind words, and most importantly, for being compassionate and understanding that real life sometimes sends us curves that mess up our plans. I’m sure I’ll eventually return to writing KA fic at the same pace as before, but that time is not now. I don’t understand how people feel they’re entitled to someone else’s time and work when it comes to fanfic. It boggles my mind.

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