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Novel: Alive [Chapter Eighteen], Rated R

Title: Alive [Chapter Eighteen]

Rating: R

Summary: Sage Alvi’s whole world turned upside-down when she lost her mother to cancer. Now forced to live with a father she never knew, she’s trying to navigate her way through a new home, city and school. To make things worse, her half-siblings hate her and she’s being bullied by the cool crowd. They say high school is hard, but this is just ridiculous.

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Personal update

I’ve started working on the new chapter of The Ring. Hoping to update soon but not sure when that’ll actually happen. This week has been crazy and it’ll be the same next week as well. Plus it’s my birthday on the 16th so I have plans to celebrate both weekends 🙂

People have messaged me about an Alive update. Because it’s already written, I just have to upload it. I will do that this weekend as well assuming I don’t have a hangover. LOL. I’m not a big drinker so when I do drink, it hits me like a ton of bricks.

I have new readers! Welcome to the site and thanks for giving my fics a chance. Tiffany, here are the short KA fics you were looking for.  Hope you enjoy them! Just bear in mind they’re rated r for adult themes and language.

Hope you guys are doing well!