Fic: Rendezvous (Omer/Defne, Fandom: Kiralik Ask, Rated R)

Fic: Rendezvous

Fandom: Kiralik Ask

Spoilers: Season 2

Warning: Rated R for language, sexual situations. Don’t read if you’re under 18.

No copyright infringement intended!

Defne drank her tea, wishing she was at home or with Omer instead of being stuck in a late dinner meeting with Pamir, Seda and two of their newest customers. In all honesty she didn’t need to be here, the logistics part of the contract had already been worked out and she’d spent most of last week smoothing out the process, but  Seda had asked her to come along to offer any additional insight. In the past she usually enjoyed these discussions, they were great learning opportunities after all, but the management of this latest company didn’t seem very informed or intelligent and Defne suspected this partnership wasn’t going to last a long time.


Seda leaned back in her chair, leaning closer. “Is it me or are these guys idiots?” she whispered under her breath.


Defne smiled. “Definitely idiots.”


“This is such a waste of time.”


“Tell me about it.” All of a sudden Defne’s phone buzzed in her pocket. “Sorry, Seda.”


“Don’t be. It’s not like this meeting is very productive to begin with.”


Defne pulled out her phone to read the screen. Her spirits lifted when she saw it was a text message from Omer.


“Good evening, my love. How’s it going? Made any important deals?”


She  started replying back. “This meeting is pointless. I don’t know how these two run a business.”


“Sinan and I met them at the shoe convention last month. They were morons.”


“I can’t believe we have to work with them. Such a waste of our time and potential.”


“Definitely. Especially when you could be me with me right now.”


Defne smiled. “You want me with you 24/7.”


“I do. What’s wrong with that?”


“Nothing. Except it’s not possible.”


“It could be if you worked for Passionis again.”


Defne rolled her eyes internally. “How many times are we going to talk about this? I like StilVagon. I’m learning a lot from Seda.”


“Yes, yes, I know. But I’m a selfish man and I want my lover with me all the time.”


“We’ll see each other tomorrow, I promise.”


“So you won’t come over to my house after the meeting?”


“The restaurant is an hour away from your place. By the time the meeting is done and I get to yours, it’ll be really late.”


“I don’t mind. We can sleep in tomorrow morning, take the day off.”


“Wow. Mr. Omer, the workaholic, playing hooky again.”


“This is what happens when I’m around you. You’re a bad influence.”


“Hey, that’s not fair.”


“You know what’s unfair? You playing hard to get after the dream I had about you last night.”


Defne looked up from the screen to quickly scan her surroundings. Pamir was busy conversing with the idiots, and Seda seemed preoccupied. She glanced down at her phone again. “What kind of dream?”


“You walked into my office and slammed the door behind you.”


“Slammed? Sounds like I was angry in the dream.”


“You were. You wanted to punish me.”


“You must have done something really bad then.”


“No, I don’t think so. You were just in a bad mood.”


“I don’t like myself in your dreams.”


“Don’t be too hard on yourself. My punishment was very enjoyable.”


Defne felt the heat rise in her cheeks.


“Aren’t you going to ask me what we did?” Omer texted.


“Maybe we should talk tomorrow.”


“What’s the matter? Are you feeling shy?”


She could picture the teasing smirk on his face. “Omer, come on. You know I’m working right now.”


“No, you’re bored. I’m entertaining you.”


Defne told herself not to check the subsequent messages that started coming in but her curiosity refused to be ignored. What she read next set her heart racing.


“You stormed in, and sat down on my desk in front of me. I’d never seen you so angry before, or so excited. You tugged at my tie, pulled me closer.”


As her body started to tingle in response to his messages, Defne crossed her legs. It was like Omer was standing next to her, breathing his suggestive words in a hushed whisper in her ears. She felt warm all over, her senses taut with anticipation.


“You asked me to undress. Actually, no. Not asked. Demanded. You demanded I take off my suit. And so I did while you watched. And I felt you get more aroused with every piece of clothing I removed.”


“You kissed me then, angrily. Possessively. You said I belonged to you. Only you. And then you bit me, the corner of my neck, the tattoo on my shoulder. You made me bleed, scarred me with your teeth and tongue and fingers. You wanted to leave your mark on me.”


“Oh, Defne. I want to make love to you the way we did in my dream, leave my mark on you the same way you did me. I took you over and over again on my desk, made you scream for hours.”


Defne grabbed the nearest glass of water, chugged it down in one big gulp.


“Defne, are you okay?” Seda asked, looking at her with concern.


Embarrassed, Defne nodded vigorously. “I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s just really hot in here.”


Seda gave her a strange look. “It’s actually freezing.”


Blushing, Defne poured herself more water. “Maybe I’m coming down with a fever or something.”


“Another half hour and we can go home. Thank God.”


Defne’s phone started buzzing again. Half-aroused, half-anxious, she picked up her phone to read the incoming messages.


“You made me beg, Defne, for every touch, for every kiss. And now you’re not answering my texts. That’s not a very nice thing to do, lover.”


Her throat was parched, her body heavy with excitement.


“Maybe I should punish you too, Defne. Would you like that?”


Her fingers trembled as she typed her response. “Omer, stop. Please.”


“Stop, Defne? Are you sure? I don’t think you really mean that. What you want right now is my hands on you, my mouth on you. You’ll plead with me to make you come, over and over again. And I will. I promise.”


“I want to taste you, Defne, and smell you, and be inside you right now. Do you want that?”


Aroused, she responded, “Yes.”


“Then leave the restaurant right now. I’m in the back parking lot.”


Startled, she looked up from her phone to find Pamir staring at her.


“Defne, are you alright? You look flushed.”


“Uh, yeah. I’m fine. Just feeling a little sick.”


“You can go home if you want.”


“Are you sure?” she asked.


“Yeah, it’s fine,” Seda answered. “I’m going to leave soon anyway.”


Defne stood up and exchanged a quick goodbye. Heart pounding in her chest, she made her way out the door and circled around the exterior of the restaurant, stopping in her tracks as soon as she spotted Omer’s car.


Leaning against the door, Omer stood outside, watching her with a piercing stare.




Rendezvous – Part 2 of 2



Omer leaned back against the jeep, smiling down at his phone as he fired off text after text. He really shouldn’t have been teasing Defne while she was at a meeting but spending only half an hour with her today hadn’t been enough to satiate him. Not that it surprised him anymore, but being away from Defne always left him with an empty ache in his chest. She had this amazing ability to instantly fill him with peace, like he could only breathe freely in her presence. It sounded corny as hell but it was the truth.


As he sent off another suggestive message, a smirk formed across his lips. Defne’s cheeks were probably flushed red, they way they tended to be whenever she thought about sex. One glance at her and he could always tell if she was embarrassed or aroused, and he found her shyness incredibly endearing. Of course there were moments when she was surprisingly bold and he couldn’t get enough of that either. Truthfully, he wanted her no matter the facet she presented.

Just thinking about her got him hard and he started texting again.“I want to taste you, Defne, and smell you, and be inside you right now. Do you want that?” He anticipated silence, so it was a pleasant surprise when she responded immediately.




Now it was his turn to pause. Should he provoke her further? He wanted to, goddamn he wanted to.“Then leave the restaurant right now. I’m in the back parking lot.” Would she do it? He had no idea.


There was no response for several minutes, until he looked up and found himself staring at her across the lot. Her flaming red hair shone brightly under the parking lot lights, her porcelain skin glistening even in the dark, calling out to be touched. The striped crop top and pencil skirt she wore was like second skin, moulded to perfection on her body. She was a beacon of hope for a man desperate for life, and he was that man. Without her, he was nothing.


She crossed the distance between them, his eyes tracking her every move. God, she was divine.


When she came to a stop in front of him, he waited with bated breath.


“You shouldn’t have played with me like that, Omer.” Her voice was hoarse with passion, her chest rising up and down with each word she uttered.


“What are you going to do about it?” he challenged back.


“Whatever I want.”


He was taken aback when her lips closed over his, kissing him with such ferocity that it blew his mind. Her tongue played with his, stroking him, her teeth even biting his tongue so hard it was painful – but he didn’t mind. Desperate to possess her, he switched positions so that she was the one backed up against the door but, suddenly, she circled again so he was right back where they started. She was resisting giving up control, and he loved it.


She dragged her lips away from him, giving his brain to chance to breathe in the oxygen it screamed for yet his body protested. Her teeth nipped his chin, one hand caressing his beard while the other lingered down his chest.


“You’re mine, Omer.”


“Am I?” he taunted, squeezing her butt.




“Prove it.” Her fingers teased the nape of his neck, the very sensitive spot that usually made him squirm but now seemed to set his body on fire. Her hand trailed along the zipper of his jeans, causing his erection to strain against the fabric. “Defne, let’s get inside the car.”


She leaned back to look at him, mischief dancing in her eyes. “Why?”


Pleasure rushed through him like electrical waves when she unzipped his jeans and lowered his briefs, pulling his cock out. Her fingers curled around him, playing with him, provoking him, and it took every bit of control he had not to lose his composure. “Defne,” he growled, clutching her shoulders. “Anybody can come out and see us right now.”


“But there’s only one car out here. Yours. Everyone else is parked out front,” she reminded him. “Or are you suddenly shy, Omer? Maybe you really don’t want to do this, maybe you’d rather just text dirty things to me instead of following through with them.”


Excited, he bit his lip. “How far are you willing to go, love?”


There was a storm in her eyes he had seen once before, the night they first made love. Bold, brazen Defne who knew exactly what she wanted.


“I want to taste you the same way you do me.”


His breathing grew heavy, his erection stiff.


And then she took him into her mouth and he found heaven.


His head lolled back against the car window. “Defne…” he groaned, fisting her hair.


Everything in his universe faded into oblivion except the sensation of her mouth sucking him off, hesitant at first and then completely in control of him. The very depth of his soul came alive under her sensuous tongue.


He was so close to coming, but somewhere deep down he wasn’t ready for release yet. Not without his Defne. “Get up,” he ordered, finding strength within himself.


“Why?” She smiled up at him, a tempting seductive smile that made his heart flip-flop in his chest. “Don’t you like what I’m doing?”


“Defne, I want to be inside you.”


His stark words seem to draw out uncertainty in her face, shy Defne re-emerging for a brief moment. Taking advantage of it, he picked her up and set her down on the hood of the car. Madness and  urgency fuelled his movements as he pulled up her skirt, ripped away her panties. Her legs wrapped around the back of his thighs, her fingers digging into his back to draw him closer. At long last he thrust inside her, and it was the most incredible feeling to be so deeply connected to the woman that brought him back to life. With fast furious strokes he claimed her over and over again, penetrating deeper each time.


“Omer…” she screamed his name in the air, her body thrashing under his.


Cheeks flushed, lips red, Defne was a goddess in his arms and he worshipped her with his body, his cock, his mouth.


She climaxed first; he followed seconds after. Sinking into her, their labored breaths aligned, he rested his head in the crook of her neck.


“Love,” she whispered against his temple. “We should probably get inside. Anyone can walk out here right now.”


Chuckling, he remained in place. “Oh ho, now who’s the shy one?”


“Seriously, Seda can come out any second. If she catches me like this-”


“Okay, okay.” He stood up straight, pulling up his pants, fully aware that he was grinning like a complete fool while she straightened her skirt. “What do we do about this?” he asked, picking up her torn panties from the ground.




She tried to take the fabric from him but he slipped it inside his jacket pocket. “Souvenir from tonight.”


“You’re never going to let me live this down, are you?”


Her beautiful lips shaped into a pout, and he placed a tender kiss along her furrowed brow. “Never, ever. I don’t know what came over you tonight but I’m so happy it did.” Walking her to the passenger side, he opened the door for her. She got in, her expression still petulant.


“It was your text messages,” she confessed. “They drove me wild.”


He winked. “So now I know what to do when I want a repeat performance.”


“Omer, come on. Can we please just go?”


Laughing, he shut the door and circled around to his side. He slid inside, still in awe of the woman beside him. “How the hell did I get so lucky?” he mused, threading his fingers through her hair. “I love you.”


She gifted him a fragile smile, placing a warm kiss on his hand. “Me too.”



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