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  1. You are too good at writing. You should write the story of Kuzgun: the storyline and plot are too good not to be available in a novel format. I am sure that if you completed the story, expanding the episodes and filling the gaps, it will sell well. I will definitely be your first buyer.

    1. You are incredibly kind! Thank you for the wonderful comment. I really appreciate it after the shitty news today.

      1. I am so saddened by the cancellation of this series! From the very first episode your writing spoke to me. Childhood trauma is something that lives within you for all of your life and influences your choices and your perception of the world. The way you wove Kuzgun & Dila’s story was brilliant! Thank you for the gift you gave me through this series. GOD bless!

        1. Hey Patricia, just letting you know I’m a fan of the show like you. But I agree with everything you said, and I’m so happy with how 21 turned out. I do think we wouldn’t have gotten such a great ending if the show hadn’t been cancelled. Rewatching ep 17 and 18, it was clear they were going for an epic tragedy but thank god they diverted their original plan and gave us the perfect ending that was 21. Anyway, thanks for commenting!

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